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The software industry struggles making visions reality. There is a misalignment between engineering and design that causes delays and extended costs. Too often products become mediocre compromises that do not make it in the marketplace.

To be successful, companies cannot afford silo engineering and design. Today, to meet customers' high expectations, design and engineering need to be united. I want to help companies craft apps that are both functional and beautiful.



Quickbeer is an android app dedicated to craft beer. With Quickbeer it is easy to find just about any beer brewed and learn more about them. It is great for ratings and comments on beers. The app is currently in beta and launching soon.

Quickbeer is a manly application with dark shades and vibrant orange accent. It challenges other apps in the domain by superior user experience. Designing Quickbeer for Android has been a great hobby project that has let me try out design tools that I have not utilised before.

Innovation cardsDesign

While working for Futurice, a digital service creation agency, I designed a deck of cards that describe Futurice’s core value proposition. The cards were used both in sales and internally to align our business vision.

Stack of eight double-sided cards were printed on quality stock. Matte finish and lamination adds sturdiness and gives them a expensive look and feel. The result is awesome and the presentation is fresh and different.

Bodgy BeeDevelopment

Game developed in Unity was released in Assembly — one of the largest demo scene events in the world - in 2012. Bodgy Bee made it 11th in Game Dev Competition, taken part by teams across the globe.

Bodgy Bee is a platformer made as a school project. Player controls Bodgy, a bee just barely able to fly. Bodgy, being a flimsy bee, has dropped the precious golden honeycomb from the hive and is now set to search and collect the pieces. During the gameplay, the player will encounter different types of enemies and puzzles.

Working with couple digital artists, I took the ownership of the technology. The two mechanics I'm most proud of are wall-sticking and flying. Bodgy can jump off any platform and fly for a very brief moment. By combining running and flying, player can reach walls and ceilings that can be grabbed and walked on. Sticking to different surfaces and timing your moves is the way to collecting the golden honeycomb and returning it to the hive.

School of StardomDevelopment

School of Stardom is a web series created to demonstrate new kind of platform that aimed to revolutionise how web series are consumed and produced. Many media organisations struggle monetizing online and are puzzled by consumers migrating to web. The platform enabled media organisations deliver and monetize content in a new exciting way.

As the web, the content was interactive. The user could choose the style of storytelling (i.e. comedic or dramatic) and the length of the episode while watching. The purpose behind interactive storytelling is to immerse user in the story and make the experience more personalised. The payment model was smart, offering content free of charge every few hours but letting users to get content instantly via micro payments.

As CTO of Storytally, I crafted the whole platform from ground up. I wrote the user interface, the interactive video player, and the management backend for uploading and organising episodes. A big technical challenge was global delivery of interactive video content cost-effectively.

Paws next doorDesign

This project was created during Helsinki Service Jam 2012 over a weekend in a 4-people team. The theme was "Hidden Treasures": We are concerned about the anonymity and lack of interaction prevalent in our neighborhoods. There are people all around us who cannot have a pet but would love to have one, if only for a little while. At the same time, there are people who have pets but encounter difficulties organizing pet sitters and dog walkers when they are traveling or too busy.

Paws Next Door is a web-based service and Facebook application that connects these people in their local neighborhoods. By matching people interested in taking care of a pet for a short time and people needing help with their pets, Paws Next Door improves neighborhood community interactions in a social and fun way.

Neighbors helping neighbors and building more cohesive neighborhoods through our love for loveable, furry pets.

Acelvia brandDesign

Acelvia is a small IT consultancy that focuses on software development and life cycle management. Acelvia approached me in the quest for down-to-earth, positive and professional brand identity. The project focused on creating a logo and business cards.


Carrying a camera helps me see details that I would otherwise miss. In photography, I like how the technology meets the arts. I've spent countless hours photographing around the globe. The photos I take are excellent material for digital or print projects I work on. I am often encouraged to take part in competitions and one day I might!

Career & EducationM.Sc. Computer Science

“My dream is to create and foster an environment where developers and designers can learn from each other and create awesome products together.“

Iiro Isotalo

I am a passionate designer and technologist and I love crafting digital services. I want to create cool stuff and unify design and engineering.

Maybe you are looking for someone to join your team or perhaps you have a service idea in mind. Either way, I'd be very excited to hear from you!